You can find below a selection of relevant publications grouped by main research topic. Here you can find the complete list, and here you can find it as a Google Scholar entry. This is my ORCID id: 0000-0002-4964-3264.

Biomarkers analysis

I’m interested in exploring the optimal way to detect biomarkers from high throughput screenings. The work in collabortion with the protein array lab at INGM is focusing on leveraging the power of combinations of sub-optimal biomarkers. 

Neuroscience of Rett Syndrome

Recent work on Rett Syndrome mouse models with dr. Bedogni from OSR is allowing us to uncover molecular determinants of this disease in the light of neurological development.

Non coding RNAs

I’ve been thoroughly involved in non coding RNA – expecially microRNAs – research in human cells, both as molecular regulation determinants and as circulating serum biomarkers. Some of our investigations led to the development of ad-hoc analytical tools alleviating issues of microRNAs normalization and not consistent nomenclature.


In my work as a staff scientist I’m exposed to other issues at the interface between wet bench lab research and computational biology/bioinformatics. Below a few examples touching big data, hematology, epigenetics and immunology.